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Red Feather comes from traditional Mayan folklore.

At a young age, the Mayan warrior, Tecun Uman, was gifted a special bird; the resplendent Quetzal. Throughout his life, the Quetzal would protect and look after the leader of his Mayan people. As he grew older and became leader of his people, the Spanish began to close in on the indigenous people.

The last stand was upon Tecun Uman as he confronted Pedro Alvarado, the Spanish conquistador.

Unfortunately, as they confronted each other Tecun Uman

As all hope was though lost, the Quetzal flew down onto Tecun Uman's chest, taking in the red breasted feathers that reminds us of his bravery and

Our roots are embedded in our culture. Red Feather Films is an extension of that and showcases what a forgotten people could have accomplished had they been given the chance.

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